Based on recent experiences, some new rules to live my life by:

1. My worth as a human being does not depend on the quality of my performance.

I’m no good at judging myself by them anyway. A good show results in an inner monologue that says, “Hey, that wasn’t too bad,” and continues on its merry way. A bad one results in days upon days of depression and self loathing.

2. Sleep is important. I will not neglect this essential need.

The difference in my mood and productivity after a good night’s sleep is astounding. Why do I keep neglecting this essential function?

3. When I perform, I will do so with purpose and conviction.

I’ve performed on stage consistently my entire adult life, and I have performed improv for most of that time. I do not need “stage time” for its own sake. If I get up on a stage it will be in service to a show with a clear purpose, and not just to “screw around.” Following through with Rule 3 will probably help with Rule 1.

4. I will work towards my dreams every day.

My life is too short and too valuable to screw around doing nothing. The Internet is a drug that works by stimulating the part of the brain that craves novel information. I will not let this drug enslave my mind and obliterate my dreams.

5. I will clearly envision and refine my dreams every week.

I will take time to steer the ship, and make sure that the things that I’m doing are pushing me towards goals that I actually want to accomplish. The vivid vision of the artist I want to be will propel me through the agonizing self-doubt that comes from actually doing creative work.