So this morning I start up my computer, and start up my SharePoint Development VM. I get a message saying that my VM won’t start. It says “Unable to allocate 6144 MB of RAM: Insufficient resources exist to complete the requested service. (0x800705AA).”

Well naturally I like to give my SharePoint VM lots of RAM, but 6144 is right around the amount that is actually free. So I lower it to 4096 MB. Task Manager tells me I have more than enough free RAM to do that. But I try to start it up… No dice. I lower it to 2048 MB. It starts all right, but running SharePoint + SQL Server + Visual Studio on 2 GB of RAM is not something I relish.

Finally, my Google-Fu was powerful enough to show me newly-posted answer on TechNet.

googlecrashhandler.exe? Really!? Well, seems silly, but anything’s worth a try. I kill the 2 processes and boom. My VM starts with 6 GB of RAM, just like always.

I’m writing this up for two reasons: Primarily, I’m putting this out there so Google can grab it and save my fellow devs from frustration. But secondarily, as a SharePoint developer, it’s not often that I have cause to direct WTF’s at a party other than Microsoft.

Hey, Google: WTF!?