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My Upgrade Actions Can’t Have a Comment? Really, SharePoint?

So I’m doing new work on a SharePoint feature that’s already deployed, so naturally, I have to do some upgrade actions to deploy some new fields to a content type. There are a few fields to add, and since the AddContentType field doesn’t have any naming elements, I decide to throw in some comments before each entry, so I know which field is which and I make sure I haven’t forgotten any. Everything compiles fine and Update-SPSolution works fine. Then, I try to run my upgrade and I get the following error:

Really, SharePoint? You can clearly see that it’s a comment, and yet you still just barf on it rather than just ignoring it. WHY!?

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  1. I would like to claim that you must have made a mistake, but I also observed this behavior. Really annoying, singe I would have liked to comment out some actions in order to debug part of the upgrade. But as it is, I have to live with debugging on the entire upgrade, or saving part of my XML in a different file. Not exactly a show-stopper, just irritating.

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