This is the fourth in a series of sonnets for the purpose of promoting my improv shows at the PIT. The sonnet isn’t clear on the details (there are always some sacrifices for art) so here they are: Come see “Technicolor” every Monday at 9 PM in the PIT Underground.

At gates of Improv Heaven stood two men
Each begging entrance to its holy stage.
The first had clever quips beyond all ken
All thirst for knowledge could he quick assuage.
The second man into emotions tapped
A mirror held to nature was his goal.
He scoffed, “O, Clever gent, forever trapped!
You find the funny line, but not the soul.”
The Improv Gods, in semi-circle stood
And in group-mind they all declared as one:
“Like warp and weft in weaving, both are good
So both must enter, else may enter none.”
Which facet of our improv shall we show?
Come to the PIT at nine, so you may know.