I am very fortunate to have married an extremely talented and beautiful woman. You, too, can have a tiny fraction of that fortunateness rub off on you.

“How can I get even the tiniest bit of that supernova of awesomeness to rub off upon me?” I hear you ask.

I will tell you: Her band, The Icky House Club, is performing this Friday at Don’t Tell Mama.

You… don’t believe me? You will, Doctor Jones. Or, to reference another 80’s movie entirely: You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well listen to this!

The Icky House Club on Myspace. (Please note that I’m posting a link to a musician, the only valid use of Myspace in the year 2010.)

Now that you’ve been infected by their infectious infectiousness, here are the relevant concert details from Don’t Tell Mama.

I’d tell you to buy your tickets now, but according to the link they’re only accepting cash at the door. So what you should do is this: Get a Ball mason jar, put an Avery or Brother P-Touch label upon it that reads, “Icky House Club, Friday November 12, 9:15 PM,” and put $20 in the jar to cover admission and the two drink minimum. By the time Friday rolls around, it’ll be like found money! Woo hoo!