Two contrasting things I’ve been into lately:

  1. I’ve been trying to dress nicely. With my collection of tee shirts, jeans, and khakis for work I was feeling a bit like I was still dressing like a teenager. First I went shopping at Macy’s. (Well, first I went to Bloomingdale’s, saw a pair of pants that cost more than my rent, and left.) Then, and I know I’m so late to this party that I arrived just as the dishes were being put away, I discovered eBay. In any case, I’ve been putting on nicer clothes lately.

  2. At work I’ve been doing a long, miserable slog through my database that involves a lot of manual labor and almost no actual creativity. To pass the time, I’ve set Pandora to blast my face with Heavy Metal for hours on end. There’s something about the unending repetition of face-melting power chords that allows me to concentrate.

So, if you need me, I’ll be the guy in the corner in the jacket and tie listening to Metallica.