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Benji and Daddy in their Jammies 2

This week, Benji and Daddy discuss something very near and dear to a six-year-old’s heart: Birthday parties and food.

Benji and Daddy in their Jammies 1

Benji and I decided that for the new year we’d like to make a talk show in which we discuss the issues of the day, at least as they pertain to a six-year-old. Since we were wearing our pajamas at the time, we decided to call it Benji and Daddy in their Jammies. Here is the result of literally minutes of hard work.

Disturbingly Insightful Benji Quote of the Day

Me: I forgive you, Benjamin.

Benji: You don’t forgive me.

Me: Are you calling me a liar?

Benji: I’m calling you a parent.

Benjamin Dramatically Reads the Tweets of Wil Wheaton

Benjamin, upon glancing at my screen, decides to read aloud a tweet from America’s favorite geek Wil Wheaton. Complete with actual face palm.

See Wil’s original tweet.