As any reader of this blog already knows, I’ve been doing a lot of improv at the PIT lately. Up until now, it’s all been open jams and class shows. But no more, my friends! Like an improv Voltron, we’ve assembled the best parts of my previous classes to create a Robeast-destroying whole. Except that in this case, instead of destroying a Robeast with a flaming sword, we create a really funny show on the spot.

We are Jabberwocky, and we are part of the Dream NYC show.

Jabberwocky is:

Kathryn Dunn
Daniel Operman
Mary Guiteras
Colin Longstaff
Nathaniel Bryan
Shayne Newton Grier
Jason Specland

We are performing at:

The People’s Improv Theater
154 W 29th St.

Doors open at 9:20, Show starts at 9:30!!

$5 (Free for any improv student with a student ID from any improv-teaching institution!)

Be there, or get eaten.