Jason Specland is a teacher and performer of improv comedy, a software architect, a public speaker, and a father who lives in Astoria, Queens. He grew up in South Florida, where he hosted a retro-80’s radio show in the early 1990’s when no one cared. He once worked at a grocery store, where for some reason he agreed to dress up in a Barney the Dinosaur costume to amuse the kids.

Jason has performed at Upright Citizens Brigade, ComedySportz, and at the Jekyll and Hyde Club as a mad scientist to scare tourists. He has been on many house teams at the Peoples Improv Theater, where he is currently a teacher. He has performed with The Austen Family Improv Players and GEORGE/MARTHA: An improvised “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Today, he can be seen performing at The Armory with his house team "Falcon Toss."

When he’s not making up comedy on the spot, Jason is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft. He has spoken at SharePoint Saturday, the ShareNYC User Group, and the Insider Dev Tour on all kinds of fun technical topics.